Incredible reviews are in for Julie Lea's "Maria" in WEST SIDE STORY on SYDNEY HARBOUR!!!

HANDA Opera on Sydney Harbour

"Australian soprano Julie Lea Goodwin is the undoubted star of the night"

"there's no denying the strength of her performance - it's rare to hear a Maria of this quality marrying musical theatre and operatic styles so confidently...she nails every side of Maria; from her girlish playfulness in 'I Feel Pretty' to her feistiness as she takes on her brothers girlfriend Anita in 'A Boy Like That'. 


"she is stunning in the role, capturing Maria's innocence and passion. She sings superbly. her soprano strong and radiant, her top register electrifying and beautiful. Her diction is excellent and her characterisation utterly heartfelt." 


"She showed vivacious versatility"...and"sang with a youthful sound of glowing purity,inhabiting the character with charm, playfulness and sincerity"


"Having already played Maria in the 2010 Australian tour of West Side Story, soprano Julie Lea Goodwin takes her performance to the next level, singing with heavenly sweetness, and acting with an expertly judged balance of innocence and burgeoning sexuality.  Goodwin and Lewis enjoy strong chemistry and sound wonderful together in duets. Breaking with custom, Goodwin, as Maria, sings the dreamy ballad 'Somewhere' a choice that has evidently been made due to the sheer loveliness of her vocals.". 



HANDA Opera on Sydney Harbour 2018: 

“Julie Lea Goodwin’s Musetta traversed three contrasting archetypes with sangfroid and thrilling vocal brightness – ‘'It girl'’ in Act Two, icon of defiant sexual liberation in Act Three, and compassionate angel in Act Four.”

Sydney Morning Herald

"Australian soprano Julie Lea Goodwin makes a fiery but human Musetta....delieverying her waltz with fierce energy and packing heat in the third act."  

- Limelight Magazine

Julie Lea Goodwin is...spectacularly good and a scene-stealer"

- Stage Noise


"The woodbird sung and acted brilliantly by Julie Lea Goodwin."- Australian Book Review" (Woodbird in Siegfried - Melbourne Ring Cycle)

"TOP OF THE POPS ARE.... JULIE LEA GOODWINS feisty Princess Ninetta.  Steering a controlled, clever line between demanding diva and winsome miss. Her substantial lyric soprano is blessed with perfect diction – it’s a pity she doesn’t appear until the last act."

LIMELIGHT (The Love for Three Oranges)

"Reliably charming vocals"

Simon Parris




"Goodwin is in sparkling form as Giroflé and Girofla. A rising star at OA, her bright, crystalline soprano is as effervescent as the music, and her acting is equally impressive. Coloured frocks aside, she does a terrific job of differentiating the twins vocally and gives each a different energy and personality. She really does dazzle, lighting up the stage whenever she appears." LIMELIGHT

Julie Lea Goodwin's light, high voice shines brightly in the role of the two twins. She characterises the personality difference between the submissive Giroflé and assertive Girofla with sardonic wit and her performance crowns the show." 

Sydney Morning Herald




“Julie Goodwin’s Maria is the standout performance with her mixture of innocence and burgeoning sexuality. Her high-lying songs have a lovely crystalline quality.”    

(The Australian)


“Goodwin has a luscious soprano that soars effortlessly.” (The Courier Mail)“when they are both in full vocal is hard not to get goosebumps”  

 (The Daily Telegraph)


“Goodwin’s voice is truly outstanding. Her pitch-perfect, crystalline soprano is a joy.”   (


“...(she) soars in the role vocally and is the strength of the entire cast. Her ‘Tonight’ with Piterman is superb, and she only grows as an actor as the show continues.”    (



“Julie Goodwin positively glows as Grace Farrell, bringing depth, warmth, nuance and whimsy, beyond anything actually scripted, to the role.”  (Stage Whisper)


“Gorgeous, golden and glowing, her soprano recalls a young Shirley Jones or Barbara Cook.”  (  


“The beautiful voice and poise of Julie Goodwin enchants as Warbuck's assistant Grace.”

(The Sun Parramatta).  


“Julie Goodwin's secretary Grace is a truly wonderful example of a gifted actress with an exceptional voice working magic.”

(The Courier Mail). 


“Julie Goodwin as Grace Farrell, his personal secretary, has such a stunningly beautiful voice that one could just listen to her sing all night.”   (Aussie